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The Office of the Prime Minister will be submitting a draft Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Policy to Cabinet next month.
This will include a recommendation to establish a Single Regulator for the converged ICT sector, which will be empowered to treat with select competition issues that are specific to the industry. Separate treatment for content regulation is also indicated in the document.
The move reflects Government’s recognition that national development imperatives are linked to a robust ICT infrastructure that will facilitate the delivery of emerging ICT-based services relevant to government, business and the society in general.
The draft addresses a wide range of matters, inclusive of creating a modern, cohesive and responsive legal and administrative framework; efficient spectrum planning, allocation and assignment; facilitating the accelerated deployment of affordable and accessible high capacity networks islandwide; in addition to building the human capacity to support investments in the continued growth of ICT.
Focus is also given to the objective of having an ICT environment in which consumers enjoy efficient and reliable communication services that conform to international Quality of Service standards.
The draft policy document is the outcome of close consultation with the industry, members of the Opposition and a technical team, led by the Information and Telecommunications Department of the Office of the Prime Minister, along with representatives from the Attorney General’s Chambers; Broadcasting Commission, Central Information Technology Office (CITO), Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR), Spectrum Management Authority (SMA) and Universal Access Fund (UAF).
The final draft will be mounted on the website of the Office of the Prime Minister to allow final comments before it is tabled in Parliament.

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