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New traffic management measures will be introduced in May Pen over the next few weeks to control the flow of traffic into the town over the Christmas season.The new traffic arrangements are expected to start on December 15 and continue into the first week of January, with the intention that these changes will be put into effect over a long-term period, Mayor of May Pen, Councillor Milton Brown, told JIS News.
“Our Deputy Superintendent (of Roads and Works) did a traffic flow plan for the town. His plan is really a long-term plan but what we’re hoping to do is to implement the plan during the Christmas period to ease the traffic flow in the town. The plan has already been submitted to the Traffic Authorities and the Traffic Committee.and it has been accepted by all,” he informed.
According to Mayor Brown, the study of traffic flow for the town revealed pressure points at the intersections at Brooks Avenue/Main Street; Sevens Road/Main Street; Bryants Crescent/Main Street; Fernleigh Avenue/Main Street; Guinep Tree; and at Penguin Key/Manchester Avenue/Church Street.
Changes will be made to the flow of traffic on Brooks Avenue, Bromanty Street, Williams Avenue, Midway Avenue, Fernleigh Avenue, Bryant’s Crescent, Windsor Avenue, Love Lane, Penguin Key, and Sevens Road, with several of these being made into one-way roads in some instances, while others will have ‘no left’ or ‘no right’ turns or ‘do not enter’ signs.
Other traffic management measures will include the removal of taxi stands along Storks Street, changes to curb walls for some roads, the construction of lay-bys, and rehabilitation of road surfaces.
Mayor Brown said that changes have already taken place as part of the overall plan to reduce the level of congestion in the town, including the removal of vendors from the streets and into the main market area. The Mayor said that these measures would significantly decrease the flow of traffic within the market area, which is in the heart of the town.
In addition, large vehicles, which exceed twelve tonnes (12,000 kilogrammes) have been restricted from using the May Pen Bridge before8:00 p.m. each evening.

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