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Some 137 new teachers have graduated from the Sam Sharpe Teachers’ College in Granville, St. James, which held its annual graduation ceremony at the institution on Tuesday, December 7.
Topping the list of graduates was Anthony Murry, who was awarded the coveted Sam Sharpe Teachers’ College Trophy for excellence in academics.
Mr. Murry was also awarded the Winston Stewart Trophy for outstanding performances in Advanced Mathematics.
Addressing the graduation ceremony, Principal of the College, Dr. Cecile Walden, said that the Sam Sharpe Teachers’ College must position itself for greater effectiveness in the development of the western region.
“As the college lookS towards celebrating 30 years of service in education next year, it must expand to respond to the needs of western Jamaica,” the Principal said.
“Our vision for the future lies in creating and building a library documentation centre that would provide information and research opportunities for students, faculty, other professionals in the Montego Bay region and in particular, children of the Granville community,” Dr. Walden added.
She emphasized that the management of the institution must influence the sourcing and building of a much-needed teaching clinic to serve the needs of the large population of persons with special needs in western Jamaica as well as the rest of the country.
“Education is undoubtedly the nexus of all development, and our classrooms need to be redesigned, not just as lecture rooms but as demonstration resource rooms”.
“Teachers need to have not only a vision of themselves, they need to envision their pupils’ lives and destiny. They need to understand their students, their beliefs and culture, for the context of schooling is within the context of community,” Dr. Walden explained.
She congratulated the graduates for their achievements, and urged them to believe in themselves as effective contributors to Jamaica’s destiny.

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