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In keeping with its thrust to bring about greater compliance on the part of persons operating public passenger vehicles in the southern region, the Transport Authority will be embarking on a two-day examination and enforcement campaign in the town of May Pen next week.
Speaking to JIS News, Acting Regional Manager for the Southern Regional Transport Authority office, Dianna Patterson said the drive was a continuation of a similar exercise, which was initiated in the Corporate Area some time ago.
“Our word of warning to the operators of public passenger vehicles is: please remove any sound system or illegal markings that you currently have on your vehicles as we will be exercising a zero tolerance approach and the same thing applies to any tint that you may have on your vehicle that is not of the proper shade,” she said.
Mrs. Patterson pointed out that the activity would be carried out with the cooperation of the local police traffic division, Justices of the Peace as well as transport certifying officers.
“To the commuters we say that you have a responsibility to encourage the operators to conform with the appropriate standards set by the industry. so when you are on the public passenger vehicle and you hear any form of music playing, tell the driver to turn it off as it is an offence. To the drivers, we say that the law is clear. No sound system or music must be allowed to be played on your unit, and the same applies to DVD players,” she said. Mrs. Patterson informed that all the vehicles examined would also be tested for road worthiness. “It is the lives of the members of the public that we are safeguarding and so we intend to stick to the letter of the law in this regard. Too often we hear about fatalities that are linked to defective vehicles,” she said.
Mrs. Patterson said the Authority was in the process of establishing a database of all operators. “Through this, we will be able to monitor on an ongoing basis, the performance of those we come in contact with and this will also assist us when we have formal hearings for persons who breach the Act.so operators of May Pen and other areas, you have been warned,” she said.

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