JIS News

Following the resignation of former Minister of Information and Development, Hon. Colin Campbell, I had indicated to the country that I would be assuming the responsibilities of that portfolio. My tenure has been a very short one, perhaps the shortest that a Minister has held a portfolio.
Today, I have the honour to congratulate a veteran in the business – the Hon. Donald Buchanan, who now takes responsibility for this very important portfolio in the Cabinet. He is new to my Cabinet but certainly not new to Cabinet responsibilities.
Both the Information and Development areas of government are major and critical components. In fact, significant expansion is taking place in both areas and one thing I can say to this new Minister, is that he will not have the luxury of any honeymoon period. He will have to literally “hit the ground running”.
You fully understand and appreciate that we are servants of the people. It is as though all your life, you have been doing that; from the early days at the St. Elizabeth Parish Council in 1974, to your serving as Minister of Labour and Social Security from 2000 to 2002.
My charge to you is a simple one: “do unto others as you would that they should do to you”.
I hardly need remind you that the power we exercise, as leaders, is on behalf of and in the interest of the people. It is not a power for ourselves, neither is it for our own glory.
As a Government, we have urgent and important work to do. I welcome you most heartily to the Cabinet.
I am confident that you will exercise the sacred trust of public office and look forward to your effective contribution to the work of the Government.