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Canada’s Niagara College in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry and Tourism will be offering tuition entry scholarships to two Jamaican citizens to pursue its four-year Bachelor of Applied Business (Hospitality Operations Management) programme.
The scholarship includes tuition of approximately US$8,000 for the first year to each recipient and an additional US$1,000 per year for the remaining years if recipients maintain an 80 per cent overall average. Students may also obtain paid co-op work positions for five months between academic years.
One of the scholarships will be awarded to a new graduate who will pursue the full four-year program, while the other will go to a hospitality professional who holds a related diploma. This candidate will receive advanced standing, and be placed in the third year of the programme.
Director General of Tourism, Carrole Guntley said the creation of the scholarships reflected the Ministry’s commitment to the development of the skills required to support the vibrant tourism industry in an increasingly competitive global environment.
“This is certainly an excellent opportunity for information sharing, as we will all benefit when the Jamaican students repatriate the knowledge and experience gained from one of the hemisphere’s top hospitality and tourism schools,” the Director General asserted adding that the Ministry was currently exploring further collaboration with Niagara College in the areas of customer service and chef training.
Meanwhile Vice President in charge of Niagara College’s International programme, Martha Casson expressed high praises for the initiative displayed by the local tourism technocrats noting, “We definitely look forward to helping both the government and Jamaican students reach their training and tourism goals.”
Niagara College is recognized as a leader in Canadian hospitality and tourism training, and is located in the Niagara Falls region, which plays host to more than 14 million tourists each year.
Applications and additional information for the scholarship programme are available at www.international.niagarac.on.ca/scholarships/jamaica.html. Applications must be completed and submitted to the Ministry of Industry and Tourism by February 20, 2006.

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