JIS News

The St. Catherine community of Christian Gardens which is usually affected by rainwater run-off from the recently renamed Municipal Boulevard in Portmore, is to receive assistance from the Portmore Municipal Council shortly to arrest the problem.
This undertaking was given by Portmore Mayor, Councillor George Lee during a JIS News interview. Mayor Lee said the Portmore local authority was concerned about the ongoing problem. He explained that whenever it rained, run-off water from the Boulevard, formerly known as I-95, flooded the Christian Gardens housing scheme and other communities adjacent to the motorway.
“We are going to address this situation shortly, he said, and funding will come by way of a specially prepared advertising package offered to advertisers in select locations along Municipal Boulevard,” he informed. Meanwhile, Secretary of the Christian Gardens Citizens’ Association Sophia Robinson said, “I am very happy that the mayor has identified a method of funding and has committed the council to dealing with the matter shortly.at least now we don’t have to worry about our homes being flooded next time as a result of the highway because now he has committed himself to fixing it”.

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