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Declaring that his one week visit to London has been a success, Tourism Minister, Hon. Edmund Bartlett today (June 17), said that following meetings with key airline and tour operators and other industry partners, the reports are positive and Jamaica’s share of the United Kingdom (UK) market remains solid.
He said the indications are that while there is not likely to be any immediate fall out, there are concerns about the bookings for the Fall and Winter periods.
“However, if we continue to do the public relations work and the advertising work, we will be able to overcome some of the difficulties which relates to fear,” Mr. Bartlett said.
The Minister, who was accompanied to London by Director of Tourism, John Lynch, was speaking to JIS News following a meeting with the staff of the Jamaican High Commission and Jamaican agencies.
He said the London visit allowed him to reconnect with key UK partners and members of the UK Diaspora and the Diaspora media to satisfy their concerns about the situation in Jamaica.
“I think this has been a very successful visit in many ways. We reconnected with key UK partners and the Diaspora media, and we were able to satisfy, to a large extent, their concerns, so that there can be a better output of information as regards to the current situation in Jamaica, as well as about the market conditions,” Mr. Bartlett said.
The Tourism Minister was in London for a series of meetings, visits and press events, as part of the US$10 million tourism promotional blitz, aimed at preventing any loss in revenue to the Jamaica’s tourism sector as a result of the recent violence in West Kingston.

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