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Prime Minister, Hon. Bruce Golding, has applauded teachers of schools in West Kingston for their continued commitment and service to the nation’s children, particularly during “this critical game-changing period of the country’s history”.
The Prime Minister, who visited schools in the area yesterday (June 17), said he recognized that the events of the last couple of weeks had impacted the schools and that both teachers and students would have been traumatized.
Encouraged by the Prime Minister to share their stories, the teachers at many schools spoke of their experiences and that of their students. They shared ways in which they were helping them to cope and overcome the psychological trauma and dislocation some have suffered.

Prime Minister, Hon. Bruce Golding, is warmly greeted by students of St. Anne’s Infant School, when he visited the West Kingston community on Thursday (June 17). The Prime Minister visited some 11 schools during the tour.

Mr. Golding promised that he would be working with them to “help the process of healing and the restoration of the comfort level that they need”.
“We are going to be helping those whose houses were damaged, and we are going to be providing assistance for those who lost loved ones,” he pledged.
The Prime Minister assured the teachers that the recent law enforcement operation in West Kingston was just the beginning of a comprehensive transformation programme that would address social and institutional needs and address voids that need to be filled.
The state, he said, “must assert not just its authority but its responsibility”.

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