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Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) in charge of St. Andrew Central, Derrick Knight, is calling on parents to more strictly monitor the activities of their children, noting that too many are engaging in inappropriate behaviours such as smoking and drinking.

“Parents, you know the challenges the police face with the children when they leave the home. We (police) are finding too many juveniles, too many children consuming alcohol and smoking cigarettes, and cigarettes don’t only mean the legal one, (but) the illegal one (marijuana) too.  And most of you are behaving like you don’t know …you have to intervene at this early stage,” he stated.

SSP Knight was addressing the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation’s (KSAC) first quarterly Town Hall meeting held on Thursday (May 3) at the Faith Cathedral Deliverance Centre, Waltham Park Road, St. Andrew.

Noting that a lot of young people will be attending festive events this summer, he said parents should ensure that the events are age-appropriate. He is also advising parents to sit and talk to their children before they leave home “to ensure they are guided on the activities they can engage in and those they should avoid”.

Kingston’s Mayor, Senator Angella Brown Burke, in her remarks, said that Jamaicans must play a more integral role in ensuring that obligations to youth development are adequately fulfilled.

She said that society has a responsibility to ensure that the nation’s youth are protected against abuse, have access to a sound education, and are afforded the opportunity to fully participate in society.

“Many of us are here today because we have made use of those opportunities for education, because we know that it is one of our greatest tools for social mobility. But in all that we do, we have to ensure that our children, our youths, play an appropriate role for their ages. We have to ensure that we don’t force them to take on responsibilities that rob them of their adolescence and their childhood,” Senator Brown Burke implored.


By Douglas McIntosh, JIS Reporter