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Kingston's Mayor, Senator Angela Brown Burke, is calling on residents of the municipality to undertake a general clean up of their communities for Labour Day on May 23.

This appeal comes against the background of reports of rodent infestation across the Corporate Area, and the KSAC public health initiative being undertaken.   

“We are asking everybody to join us in cleaning up their yards and their communities. If each of us were to clean up, just our gate and by our fence, the streets would be clean. If every street does that, then the community (and) the neighbourhood would be clean. If every neighbourhood does that, then Kingston and St. Andrew would be clean. If every parish does that, Jamaica would be clean,” Mayor Brown Burke said.

She was speaking at the first in a series of quarterly Town Hall meetings of the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation (KSAC), held on May 3 at the Faith Cathedral Deliverance Centre, Waltham Park Road, St. Andrew.

Labour Day activities this year will be focused on cleaning up communities, towns, villages and the physical environment for the Jamaica 50 celebrations.

Mayor Brown Burke implored residents to join in the effort so that the necessary measures can be put in place to ensure that “having cleaned the city, we can keep it clean”.

Labour Day is one of three major activities that the KSAC will be observing in May.  The others are Child Month and African Liberation Day.

To mark Child Month, a special candlelight vigil is slated for Sunday (May 6), at the children’s monument located at the corner of Church and Tower Streets, downtown Kingston, beginning at 5:00 p.m.

The vigil is an expansion of the special activity held over the past two years to commemorate the lives of the city’s children, who died tragically and violently, and in whose honour the monument was erected.

“This year…we are honouring, paying tribute and reminding ourselves of our responsibility to all our children, mindful, in particular, of those who have been physically and emotionally abused. It will be a short vigil, but one that we hope will remind us and keep us aware of our responsibilities as mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts, to our children. That will remind us of our place in the village that should be raising our children,” the Mayor said.

She also advised that beginning this year the KSAC would be celebrating African Liberation Day on May 25.

“We believe that a people, like us, given our heritage, must celebrate African Liberation Day. It’s a time to remind ourselves of where we are coming from, how we got here, what has been bequeathed to us, and what we need to do to protect it, to pass it on to the (future) generations,” Senator Brown Burke said.


By Douglas McIntosh, JIS Reporter