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    Three more senior judges were appointed to higher offices on Tuesday (April 6) by Governor-General, His Excellency the Most Hon. Sir Patrick Allen, during a ceremony at King’s House.
    Sworn in were: His Honour Mr. Justice Patrick Anthony Brooks, as Judge of the Court of Appeal, Her Honour Miss Nicole Adrienne Simmons, to act as Puisne Judge and Her Honour Mrs. Sharon Ayton-George, who will serve as Master-in-Chambers for the Supreme Court.
    The Governor-General, before handing over the ceremonial Instruments of Appointment to the judges, remarked that the confidence that has been entrusted in them comes with great responsibility, and asked that they guard well “the sacred trust that has been placed in them.”
    “It is very important that we discharge our responsibilities, being ever mindful of the reason why we are placed in those positions and ever mindful of the fact that there are eyes on us every step of the way,” he stated.
    “Individuals are looking to us, depending on us and the judgments we give and how we discharge our responsibilities,” the Governor-General said.

    Showing off their Instruments of Appointment, following their installment by Governor-General, His Excellency the Most Hon. Sir Patrick Allen (third left) at King’s House on Tuesday (April 6) are: Her Honour Miss Justice Nicole Simmons (left), His Honour Mr. Justice Patrick Brooks (second right) and Her Honour Mrs. Justice Sharon Ayton-George (right). Also pictured are Chief Justice, Her Hon. Mrs. Justice Zaila McCalla (second left) and President of the Court of Appeal, His Hon. Mr. Justice Seymour Panton.

    He added that it is fundamental for the maintenance of a vibrant democracy that a system of justice exists, in which every citizen can feel confident, exists.
    “I encourage you to continue playing your part in enhancing the quality of delivery at every level of our justice system, as you work toward ensuring that truth, trust and honesty prevail throughout our courts,” he stated.
    “I also urge that to the best of (your) abilities, see how expeditiously (you) can discharge and dispense with the cases that are placed before you,” he said.
    In her charge to the appointees, Chief Justice, Hon. Mrs. Justice Zaila McCalla, congratulated the judges on the hard work they have done over the years, adding that it was on that basis that they have been called upon to continue serving.
    “You have been summoned to render greater service because you have performed well,” she remarked.
    She also told the appointees of the awesome responsibilities that await them, as they prepare to take up their new posts.
    “You are serving in a time when not just the courts but the society, as a whole, is under severe stress. The justice system continues to be severely challenged by the high levels of crime, on the one hand, and on the other, the reality of major and worsening resources constraints,” she explained.
    Justice McCalla told the appointees that their overriding preoccupation must be with taking practical steps to manage criminal cases, in order to bring about improvements in the system.

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