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Sectoral databases for crime and child protection are to be developed during the next year, as part of the institutionalisation of the DevInfo project, which is being implemented by the Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ).
According to the 2010/11 Estimates of Expenditure, an additional $12 million has been allocated for the project to continue to establish JamStats as a reliable and comprehensive source of macro-economic indicators for the country, in order to facilitate more information-based planning and wider accessibility.
JamStats is a database that captures information on some of Jamaica’s most critical social and economic indicators.
Other targets for this year include 30 teacher trainers being exposed to the JamStats database; and the JamStats database being updated and launched.
Funded by the Government of Jamaica, the United Nations International Children’s Educational Fund and the United Nations Development Programme, the DevInfo project has, since December, 2009, developed and implemented the JamStats website,
In addition it has: disseminated advocacy and promotional material; 104 key stakeholders were exposed to the project activities and the capabilities of the database; 943 secondary and tertiary students introduced to JamStats; and 89 government employees trained in the use and administration of DevInfo databases.
The project, originally slated to last August, 2006 to June , 2009 has been extended to June, 2011.

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