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With World Teachers Day being celebrated today (October 5), Minister of Education, Honourable Andrew Holness, has pointed out that teachers are to benefit from the Jamaica Educational Leadership Academy (JELA), as part of efforts to transform the education system.
In his message for the day, Minister Holness explained that JELA would complement the up and running Jamaica Teaching Council (JTC).
“The transformation of the teaching profession aims to improve the capacity of teachers and is an integral component of the Ministry’s drive to transform the education system. Under the transformation, teachers will benefit from two new institutions – the Jamaica Educational Leadership Academy (JELA) and the Jamaica Teaching Council (JTC), which is now up and running”, he said, pointing out that the JELA would focus on improving the competencies of Jamaica’s school leaders, through rigorous leadership training.
“Although the programme is geared towards senior level educators, any teacher who displays the interest and initiative may access its offerings,” the Minister explained.
The JTC, which is already in operation, has the statutory authority to regulate, license, and advocate for the teaching profession and will also provide strategic direction on professional development.
In the meantime, the Education Minister is urging Jamaicans to salute teachers as they carry out their roles in national development.
“As we salute teachers all over the world, let us hail those who have the duty to impart knowledge and to nurture, inspire and awaken the minds of young people and adults, through the life-long learning process. Let us stand and salute teachers as an important source of influence on the values and attitudes our young people adopt; let us laud those who play a pivotal role in developing the emotionally intelligent, articulate and productive citizens necessary for national development,” the Minister said in his World Teachers Day message.
Meanwhile, Head of the JTC, Dr. Winsome Gordon, in her message, also underscored the importance of training.
“The Jamaica Teaching Council will support competency building in the teaching profession through targeted training, identifying 66 Quality Education Circles and respective schools as Teacher Resource Centres. This changed landscape will enable peer support, greater stakeholder participation and a convergence of national services for young people,” Dr. Gordon said.
She added that the JTC would also provide a virtual library and foster a collaborative approach with the Regional Offices and the National Education Inspectorate, to equip principals to give efficient and effective school leadership.
World Teachers Day, held annually on October 5 since 1994, commemorates teachers’ organisations worldwide. Its aim is to mobilise support for teachers and to ensure that the needs of future generations will continue to be met by teachers.

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