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National netballer Elaine Davis is encouraging students to embrace and appreciate their unique qualities, noting that everyone has something special to offer.
“Everyone is unique. There is only one like you. Even identical twins have differences and you should believe that in your uniqueness, you have something special to offer,” she stated.
She was speaking to students of her Clarendon-based alma mater Glenmuir High School last week.
The six-foot tall goal shooter, who has been playing netball for more than 12 years, told the students that growing up, she was constantly teased because of her long, slim frame, and given names such as “daddy long legs”.
She noted, however, that it is her height that has made her a success. “I believe that God intended my legs to be long and skinny as he knew where they would take me. Not even I knew that these same big feet would travel the world and stand in the presence of prime ministers, presidents and other famous persons,” she remarked.
Ms. Davis, who is the 2007 recipient of the Courtney Walsh Award for Excellence, further implored the students to accept themselves and not to try to change anything about their appearance as she has come to accept her height and what it has allowed her to achieve.
In the meantime, she urged the students to embrace qualities of integrity and humility as exemplified by the Courtney Walsh Award.
Stating that the award “is an honour that I will always cherish,” she said it recognises those values, which remain intact long after the glory of winning has faded.
“When the spotlight has faded, only your sterling qualities such as integrity and humility will remain intact. Those are what will keep you at peace with yourself and cause others to hold you in high esteem long after the glory of winning is but a distant memory; not how many medals you have won,” she stated.
The Courtney Walsh Award was instituted by the Government in 2005 to honour athletes, who, like Wash, display integrity, discipline, sportsmanship, and team spirit both on and off the field.
Other recipients of the award are: former West Indies cricketer James “Jimmy” Adams, 2005; Olympic 400-metre hurdles champion, Deon Hemmings-McCatty, 2006; and cricketer Nehemiah Perry, 2008.

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