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Chairman of the Westmoreland Parish Council, Delford Morgan, has appealed to residents living in low-lying and flood-prone areas of the parish, to take the lessons learnt from the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina and seek to move to higher ground. “I make this special appeal to those persons, who are now living in dangerous low-lying areas across the island and especially in the Savanna-La-Mar, Grange Hill, Little London and other areas, please reconsider. Don’t wait for hurricane to start thinking about where is best to live”, he pleaded as he addressed a Council meeting held at the Anglican Church Hall in Savanna-La-Mar yesterday (Sept. 8).
“The disastrous effects of the hurricane on people and property in New Orleans and surrounding areas such as Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Texas have brought home quite forcefully the impact hurricanes can and will have on low-lying communities”, he added.
Mr. Morgan, who is also Mayor of Savanna-La-Mar, also called on citizens to exercise more care for the environment and not to participate in the wanton destruction of trees, or the improper disposal of solid waste.
Meanwhile, the Parish Council has expressed sympathy to the people of New Orleans and other areas of the United States, that were devastated by Hurricane Katrina, nearly two weeks ago.
Mayor Morgan said that an appropriately worded letter would be sent to the United States Embassy in Kingston, to be conveyed immediately to the victims of the disaster, which was “a tragedy of immense proportion”.
“Hurricane Katrina has dealt a severe blow, not only to property, but the magnitude of the disaster in terms of lives lost is mind-boggling. My sympathies on behalf of the Westmoreland Parish Council and the people of the parish, go out to the people of the affected areas, their relatives and the people of that great country United States of America”, Mayor Morgan said.

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