JIS News

Schools in Portland are reporting a smooth start for the new academic year, which began on Monday, September 5.
Principals told JIS News that they were generally satisfied with the way the re-opening process have been going so far, with some citing inadequate furniture as the only area of major concern.
They noted that assurances have been given by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Culture that every effort would be made to address that matter as early as possible.
Dorrett Campbell, Director of Communication in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Culture told JIS News that the Ministry was pleased that the parish had not experienced any major problem with the start of the new year, adding that the Ministry had made every effort to ensure that the schools were fully prepared for the occasion.
She pointed out that repairs were carried out on a number of schools to improve their condition for the new year, with most of the working being the refurbishing of roofs and classrooms, and the rehabilitation of bathrooms. She noted that the initiative was financed through the National Housing Trust (NHT) Education Development Fund.
Miss Campbell said that schools currently affected by inadequate furniture would be fully supplied by the end of the current school term, adding that the Ministry was particularly pleased that the schools were adequately staffed and were therefore able to continue to deliver quality education to their students.

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