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Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ) is reporting that its Direct Funds Transfer (DFT) payment option, is yielding impressive results since the implementation of the pilot in January 2021. Approximately $75B has been transferred using the new service, which gives taxpayers the convenience to transfer funds from their own bank account to TAJ’s bank account, for the payment of several business related taxes and fees. This amount equates to, in excess of six thousand transfers during the period January 11 to April 30, 2021.

 This newest addition to the Tax Authority’s payment options is designed to reduce and remove the manual direct banking arrangements which existed. It has also made doing business with the TAJ more convenient, as it continues to reengineer it business processes to offer a fully automated direct funds transfer solution. An additional benefit to customers utilising the new procedure, is being able to access and print their own official receipts from the TAJ website at www.jamaicatax.gov.jm.

The DFT Payment Option which is semi-automated, has been developed primarily for customers of other banks but is also available for customers of Scotiabank and National Commercial Bank (NCB). Customers using this option are required to first generate a Payment Advice on RAIS, which has been enhanced to include a Direct Funds Transfer Number (DFTN). When transferring the funds to TAJ’s bank account the customer is to enter the DFTN as the very first item in the particulars/memo field thereby communicating to TAJ the instructions for the receipting of the funds. The use of the DFTN will enable TAJ’s Revenue Administration Information System (RAIS) to automatically generate the receipts for payments, which may then be printed by the customer.

Persons may access additional information and details about the Direct Funds Transfer through an Information Hub on TAJ’s website at www.jamaicatax.gov.jm, which includes a brochure, guides and other useful material.

Customers are also reminded that they have several other electronic payment options available to them, such as via the TAJ website, using a credit card or other bank card with credit card features; ACH direct debit deposit for Scotiabank customers; or NCB Online Bill Payment option for customers of NCB.

For further information and support, customers assigned to the Large Taxpayer Office may contact their Client Relationship Manager. Other customers may contact a Taxpayer Education Officer, the TAJ Customer Care Centre at 888-TAX-HELP (888-829-4357) or access the relevant “How To” guides on the TAJ website at www.jamaicatax.gov.jm.

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