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KINGSTON – Jamaica House has cautioned that, the swearing-in ceremony for the Prime Minister of Jamaica on Sunday (October 23) will see an increased presence of traffic police on the roads around Kings House.

Police personnel will be in place from early afternoon, to assist persons attending the swearing-in ceremony, and also to ensure a smooth flow of traffic.

Members of the general public attending the swearing-in are advised that motor vehicles will be admitted through the East King’s House Road gate only. The traffic police also reminded motorists that no parking will be allowed on East King’s House Road, Hope Road, Kingsway and West King’s House Road.  

Motorists who do not need to travel on East Kings House Road, Hope Road and West Kings House Road are advised to use alternative routes, such as Trafalgar Road and avoid undue delays.

Persons who will be travelling into Kingston are reminded to take every precaution on the roads. The traffic police strongly recommend an early start to avoid anxiety. Motorists are also asked to exercise patience when using the roads around King’s House. The swearing-in ceremony will be carried live starting at 3.30 pm. On national radio and television stations, PBCJ cable and will also be streamed on the internet at jis.gov.jm.

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