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Superintendent of Police in charge of St. James, Steve McGregor, has warned residents of the parish against acts of vigilante justice, including mob killings, emphasizing that such acts are just as illegal and repugnant as any other crime.
Superintendent McGregor was speaking to residents of Roehampton on Thursday (May 10) as part of his series of community meetings in the parish.
He stressed the importance of residents working with the police to rid the society of criminal activities and assured that efforts will be made to revitalize the neighbourhood watch groups within the parish, as a key part of the crime fighting effort. Noting that criminals can only thrive in communities if they are allowed in, Superintendent McGregor called on residents of the parish to be on the alert for migrating criminals.
The Police Superintendent further pleaded with the parents to pay special attention to their young boys, and assign them household chores, arguing that this would help to teach them to be more responsible.
Superintendent McGregor expressed satisfaction at the response of residents to the meetings, 31 of which have been held with community groups since he took up duties in the parish just under two months ago.
The meetings, he said, are aimed at building better bonds between the police and residents of that parish, and putting a major dent in criminal activities in the area. Topics covered during the meetings are personal safety, proper parenting, and the prevention of child abuse.
In 2006, the parish of St. James recorded 188 murders, while 40 murders have been committed since the start of 2007.

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