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Cleaning and beautifying Savanna-la-Mar’s leading burial site in Westmoreland, Tate Cemetery and the Guy Ottey Park, will be this year’s Labour Day parish project.
Beautification, landscaping and infrastructural works will also be done on community centres, parks, schools, church cemeteries and housing schemes across the parish on Labour Day (May 23) under the theme: ‘Honouring our ancestors . strengthening communities’.
At present, some 18 projects have been registered with the parish’s Labour Day Secretariat. The parish’s Labour Day service of thanksgiving is scheduled to be held at the St. Barnabas Anglican Church in George’s Plain on May 20. Mayor of Savanna-la-Mar and Chairman of the Westmoreland Parish Council, Delford Morgan, said that much work is anticipated across the parish as youth groups, citizen’s associations and other groups have been putting serious plans in place for that special day.
“The citizen’s associations, the councillors in their respective divisions as well as local private sector groupings have all committed themselves in not only identifying projects but more importantly, there is a group within the groupings of private sector persons that is actually in charge of fund raising. That will enable us to be able to deal with the issue of raw material and providing refreshment where necessary. In all, we do expect that the parish will have its full complement of activities on that day,” Mayor Morgan told JIS News.
He commended the First Caribbean Bank in Savanna-la-Mar for pledging to fund the refurbishing of the Guy Ottey Park, and urged all citizens to go out and support the projects.

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