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Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of the CHASE Fund, W. Billy Heaven, has called on young people to inform themselves about Jamaica’s achievements, and not be trapped into believing that there is nothing to celebrate about the country’s past.
“We have a lot to be proud about. We can, with pride and joy, celebrate Jamaica, and we can honour the name we bear,” Mr. Heaven said.
However, he warned that all this could be easily eroded, if the country fails to ensure that the process of nation building makes the people proud of their heritage.
Mr. Heaven was addressing the North West Manchester Schools’ Jamaica Day Celebrations, at Mile Gully High, Manchester, on March 6.
“I lament the fact that the socialisation of our children is too greatly determined by cable television and the internet, which offer free, wild, unchallenged and uncontrolled access,” he lamented.
Mr. Heaven said that the efforts of teachers, community volunteers, achievements in literary work, athletics, the fact that visitors are interested in the many heritage sites and the contributions of the national heroes, need to be celebrated.
“When you reflect on the life and work of these people, there is reason to celebrate. And when you reflect deeper on the life of our heroes, some of whom were sent to yonder gallows in their fight for justice and equality, we have every reason to celebrate Jamaica as a great nation,” he said.
He added that the change that Jamaica needs could be achieved, if young minds are guided in the right way. He asked that men and women, from all spheres of life, take the lead in creating a better future for all.
“Our history shows that we can be courageous(enough) to weather the trying times and challenging moments, thus taking hold of excellence that we have achieved in so many ways,” he said.
“I encourage all of us to be part of the change process to build a better Jamaica, to be part of a new social order that will help to reduce poverty, crime and violence and all the other social problems. We owe it to ourselves and we owe it to our country,” he said.

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