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Business related information and support will be more accessible to Portlanders, with the opening of the Jamaica Exporters Association/Rural Agricultural Development Authority’s (JEA/RADA) Export Centre and Business Information Point, in Port Antonio, on Thursday(March 5).
The centre, co-founded by the Government of Jamaica and the European Union(EU), is a component of the Private Sector Development Programme (PSDP).
It is located on the compound of the Portland RADA Office in Port Antonio, and will benefit small and medium sized enterprises which need to be provided with timely, accurate and easy to use business information, to help support and grow profitably.
This is the fifth such facility to be opened by the Jamaica Export Association, since the launch of the main office in Kingston, in April, 2008.
A number of farmers, persons representing the general business community in Portland, and representatives of the JEA, the PSDP and RADA attended the launch.
Addressing the function, Mr. Michael Ming, Vice President of the JEA, said his organization will be providing export and business development services, through the centre, to help improve the competitiveness of micro, small and medium seized enterprises.
He noted that the range of services to be offered will include the conducting of customised market research, and access to internet and desk space. Clients will also be equipped to maximise market information, through the provision of a range of training programmes, including accounting, record keeping, proposal development and business planning.
Mr. Ming said the country has to equip itself to ensure that the requirements of the international market are met, and that the provision of the services offered by the centre was critical to national economic development.
However, he pointed out that the establishment of the export centres and business information points was only one of the solutions to the economic challenges confronting the country, and that the organization has been undertaking a number of other initiatives to strengthen the export sector.
The J.E.A. Vice President expressed gratitude to RADA for supporting the project and thanked the PSDP for funding the facility.
He said that the partnership will allow individuals in Portland, and surrounding areas, to access export information and office support, in a timely and effective manner.

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