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Students of Mile Gully High School, in Manchester, have been exposed to issues relating to cattle rearing, and how to cultivate grass.
At a ceremony at the school, on October 15, Chairman of the Jamaica Red Poll Cattle Breeders Society, Dr. Karl Wellington, said that development work which resulted in the creation of the Jamaica Red Poll breed, was an important contribution to the national objective of increasing the efficiency and integrity with which agricultural land is used in deriving lasting economic benefits for the nation.
“The Jamaica Red Poll breed is a technological achievement of national importance, providing food supply, creating employment, improving the ecology, saving and earning foreign exchange. It demonstrates success in breeding productive cattle for Jamaica and more extensively to the wider tropical region. It is an asset of significant economic value, and along with the other three native breeds, represent an integral part of Jamaica’s heritage,” Dr. Wellington said.
Speaking with JIS News, Principal of the institution, Mr. Ulit Brackett, informed that the school has chosen to focus on cattle rearing and grass production, as two economic activities which are significant to the development of Mile Gully.
“Beef cattle has been a great source of income for the people of North West Manchester, because of the experiment and research that have been done at Grove Place, and out of that, people have learnt how to raise cattle in a scientific way, and this has helped the farmers of the community,” he said.
Meanwhile, Agricultural Science teacher at Mile Gully High, Mr. Kiplig Watson, informed that the school is in the process of establishing a greenhouse, and that currently they are involved in livestock and crop production.
“We are planning to establish an orchard in the area where we once had citrus. We want to concentrate on ackee, mango, avocado and lime. We try to instill in the students that agriculture is a business, and if it is managed properly, it can be successful,” Mr. Watson said.

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