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A mini-symposium on the environment was staged at Campbell’s Castle All Age School in Manchester, recently, under the Jamalco/Forestry Department Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), signed in 2009.
Representative of the Forestry Department, Mr. Sherton Douglas, in his presentation to the students, highlighted the importance of trees to the environment. He also demonstrated how trees should be planted and requested several students to plant trees.
At the end of the exercise, School Prefect, DeAndrew Moore thanked Jamalco and the Forestry Department for the information. “We now have a better understanding of how to take care of our environment,” he said.
Principal of the school, Mr. Owen Lambert, said that the presentation was comprehensive and “the students obviously benefitted, because of the energy they displayed during the feedback session.”
The Jamalco/Forestry Department’s MoU is the second to be signed between the two entities under a strategic partnership, aimed at preserving and enhancing Jamaica’s agro forestry.
The MoU has been expanded to facilitate the continuation of work which started seven years ago to significantly increase Jamaica’s forest cover.
A public education programme in communities in Jamalco’s operating areas is also an important aspect of the MoU.

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