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    The Island Traffic Authority (ITA) is reporting increased success in efforts to apprehend haulage contractors and truck operators who haul loads over the prescribed weight limits outlined in the Road Traffic Act.
    According to Inspector at the ITA, Mr. Clive McDonald, 502 vehicles were inspected in March, almost five times the 111 trucks that were reportedly checked by the ITA Enforcement Team between December and February.
    In February, Head of the ITA, Mr. Paul Clemetson had noted that 60 or 54 per cent of the vehicles inspected were found to be overweight. Up to the end of March the level of non-compliance was 51 per cent of the 502 vehicles inspected.
    Mr. McDonald pointed out that since the start of the Vehicle Weight Enforcement programme, there has been a higher level of compliance among trailer operators than among truck operators.
    Lamenting the consistently high level of non-compliance among truck drivers, he noted that of the 156 trailers weighed, 94 or 60 per cent were compliant with set vehicle weight limits, and 62 trailers were overweight. Of the 346 trucks weighed, 153 or 44 per cent were compliant, and 193 were overweight. We are having a problem with the trucks,” the ITA Inspector bemoaned.
    The ITA is anticipating greater degrees of compliance among truck operators and other stakeholders in coming months.
    Mr. McDonald said that increased road operations in March have resulted in greater levels of awareness, adding that with time, this awareness should convert into a greater degree of compliance. He said that the ITA, through these sessions, have been able to educate truck operators about their obligations with regard to the established vehicle weight limits. In March, the ITA conducted 19 road operations across the island.
    “Based on information on the ground, more people are aware of the Vehicle Weight Enforcement Programme. Most haulage contractors are aware and they are in agreement with the weight enforcement,” he said.
    Plans are also in place to purchase additional mobile scales, supplemented by fixed weigh scale stations. In February, a contract valued at over $100 million was awarded to Tankweld Construction Company Limited for the construction of a fixed weigh scale station at Harbour View, St. Andrew.

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