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The Portland 4-H Club has collaborated with the Environmental Foundation of Jamaica (EFJ) to launch a schools environmental awareness competition, to sensitise students about the need for proper environmental practices for sustainable development.
Clinton Brown 4-H organizer for Portland, told JIS News that 12 schools, from the primary to the high school level, would be participating in the competition, which was launched on January 3 and would be judged over a three-month period.
Participating students will be judged in the age categories nine – 13 years and 13 years and older.They will be required to complete six projects – an environmental research on solid waste management, land husbandry or water use quality and management; dramatise an event that will demonstrate the subject of the environmental research; highlight the findings of the research through the staging of workshops or by the printing of booklets or distribution of posters; organise community projects consistent with the research topic; establish an environmental protection project within their schools and visit or observe a site or location, which effectively conveys the message of the importance of environmental protection in the national development process.
The final judging will take place on March 23, during the annual Portland 4-H Clubs achievement day exercise.
Mr. Brown said the clubbites were enthusiastic about the competition and expressed confidence that it would significantly increase their awareness about the need to protect the environment.
He noted further, that the students’ participation would help them to better understand their responsibility in preserving the environment, not just for themselves, but also for future generations.

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