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A new volunteer organization has been launched in Trelawny, aimed at mobilizing resources and bringing together community, private and public sector support for the development of the parish.
Carlton Gordon, chairman of the body, called the Trelawny Association of Volunteer Organization (TAVO), told JIS News that TAVO’s vision was to collectively participate in the planning and implementation of activities for the development of the parish. “As an organization, TAVO seeks to develop the volunteerism spirit by improving the overall socio-economic output of its citizens in order to lighten the burden of government by helping to solve those problems that can be resolved through community intervention,” he said.
As part of the effort, focus would be placed on capacity building to provide resources that would be needed to sustain growth and development, he stated.
He informed that already, a database of skills was being developed to highlight the competencies of volunteers in an organized and systematic way.
Meanwhile, he informed that a two-day leadership seminar would be held from January 19 to 20, “in order to prepare our service and social organization leaders for the tasks ahead.”
Mr. Gordon told JIS News, that a key goal was to develop an information centre in Trelawny so that persons from across the country would be able to access information about the parish by just going to one particular location.
“As a new initiative in Trelawny, the organization welcomes the opportunity to give back something to the parish and looks forward to working with all well-thinking Jamaicans in the growth and development of our people and the society at large,” he stated.

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