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Students For Transformation, the grouping of corporate area secondary schools, has launched a campaign aimed at promoting peace and camaraderie leading up to the staging of the Boys’ and Girls’ Athletic Championships.
Members of the organisation’s executive body today (March 27) announced a list of peace-building initiatives surrounding the event at a press conference held at the Office of the Prime Minister on Hope Road.
Head Boy of St. Georges College, Jason Curate, said that the measures were agreed upon by nine schools and include: that members of the organisation will reiterate transformation during the opening ceremony; a change in lyrics and chants to reflect unity; a schools’ combined celebration following the meet and; a march consisting of students from various institutions to be held a few days after the event.
“So, as we engage in this and every championships hereafter, we continue to promote peace. Peace now, before champs, peace after and peace outside of champs. Let’s be done with the war, make a fresh start, do it right and do it right the first time,” Jason said.

Head Boy of Calabar High School, Michael Griffiths (at podium), addressing the Students For Transformation peace initiative press conference, held on March 27, at the Office of the Prime Minister, in Kingston. Listening (from left) are: School Captain of Jamaica College, Orane Watson; representative of The Queens School, Mickesha Fearon; Deputy Head Boy of Kingston College, Damion Anglin; and Head Boy of St. Georges College, Jason Curate.

The Inter-Secondary School Sports Association/GraceKennedy-sponsored track and field event, slated for April 1 to 4, is the largest of its kind in the English-speaking Caribbean. The event is highly competitive and rivalries between schools have led to fights and other violent incidents among students.
In addition to the measures to promote peace for champs, Students For Transformation also announced a proposed list of solutions aimed at eradicating criminal and violent activities and fostering unity within and among schools.
Some of these measures include radio messages promoting peace; student exchanges; pupils participating in each other’s devotions; and a collaborative sports day.
Some of the Corporate Area schools that are members of the organisation are Kingston College, Calabar High, St. Georges College, St. Hugh’s High, The Queens School, Jamaica College, Ardenne High, St. Andrew’s High for Girls and Tarrant High.
The group, formed in 2008, is also working with various entities such as the National Transformation Programme, Fresh Start Jamaica, Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC), Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) and the Mothers’ Patrol organisation, in promoting peace.

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