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The Caribbean Maritime Institute (CMI), in association with Security Administrators Limited (SAL), will officially launch a four-year Bachelor of Science degree in Security Administration and Management, at the Knutsford Court Hotel, in Kingston, on April 8, beginning at 5:30 p.m.
Addressing a JIS ‘Think Tank’ on March 26, Executive Director of the CMI, Fritz Pinnock, explained that the degree programme aims to provide a holistic approach to security by integrating three modes of transportation – air, land and sea.
“We are adding the professional component that will address security issues, not just seeing it from the land, but from the sea and the air. The aim is to develop human resources in the maritime sector by equipping them with the academic and practical skills needed,” he added.
Academic Director at the CMI, Ibrahim Ajagunna, said the degree offering, the first of its kind in the Caribbean, represents the institution’s approach to helping to tackle Jamaica’s crime problems. “The intention of the CMI and SAL is to look at our security problems and to use the programme as a medium to long term initiative to solving crime. We want to re-orient the minds of people from the primary to high school and university levels, the Government the press and others,” he said.
Mr. Ajagunna said that because of the programme’s multi-modal approach, it has attracted the interest of a wide cross section of persons. Already, 17 persons are enrolled in the programme, which include management personnel from security companies, school administrators and personnel from the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) and the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF).
Service delivery, he noted, is a key component of this programme. He said participants who complete the programme would be expected to be more service oriented and to demonstrate effective interactions with clients and colleagues in challenging situations that might require a high degree of tolerance and courtesy.
The courses are therefore tailored to meet the intended outcomes. These include ‘Crowd Management’ ‘Behaviour Modification’, ‘Accounts’, ‘Information Technology’ ‘Social Psychology’, ‘Security Supervisory Leadership’, ‘Intelligence Gathering and Analysis’, ‘Armed Response Teams Tactics’, ‘School Safety Consulting Services’, ‘Strategic Management’, ‘Maritime Security’ – (national & private), ‘Special Weapons and Tactics’ (SWAT).
The CMI and SAL, the Academic Director informed, would be relying on the resources of several private and public sector organisations, such as the JCF and JDF and seaport, airport and land based security companies to deliver some of the modules. The SWAT training, he informed, would be conducted by the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF).
This partnership between SAL and CMI follows a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that was signed a year ago between the Institute and Kingston Wharves Limited, the parent company of SAL.
The MOU sets the foundation for the development of two security courses, the Bachelor of Science Degree in Security Administration and Management, and an Advanced Port Facility Security Officer course.
An accredited security organisation of the International Maritime Organisation, SAL is the main provider of maritime security and related services at the Port of Kingston.

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