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Scores of students and teachers of St. Thomas Technical High School in Golden Grove, turned out today (May 23), to assist in establishing an agricultural plot, which was the parish project for National Labour Day 2008.
Activities began very early with students from Grades one to 10, led by their teacher and Head of the Agricultural Science Department, Patrick Walker, preparing the plot for the planting of fruit trees.
“Our aim is to plant one acre of fruit tree crops, so that we will be able to have it for demonstration purposes for the students and also to sell to make some money for the department,” Mr. Walker told JIS News.
Among the trees to be planted, he said, were otaheite apples, coconuts, naseberry, ackee, june plum and jackfruit.
He said the trees are being planted on a plot, which is situated on a slope, to help prevent soil erosion. “We practise good land husbandry.we try not to cultivate extensively,” he added.
Marcia Bennett, Custos of St. Thomas and Co-Chairman of the St Thomas Labour Day Committee, told JIS News that there are also plans to set up an agricultural plot at the school using greenhouse technology.
“We are still hoping that you will get your greenhouse, because it is very important to the school,” she told the students, adding that she was very pleased with the agricultural programme at the school.
The establishment of the plot was one of 118 Labour Day projects registered by the Labour Day Committee. Among the projects were the cleaning of community centres, repairs to basic schools, the construction of a walk-way at Trinityville High School and the establishment of a garden at Yallahs High School. Funding for the projects, estimated at $420,000, was provided by the St. Thomas Parish Council; Member of Parliament for Western St. Thomas, James Robertson; Member of Parliament for Eastern St. Thomas, Dr. Fenton Ferguson, and the private sector.
National Labour Day 2008 was observed under the theme: ‘Eat what we grow . Grow what we eat.’

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