JIS News

Residents of Easington, St. Thomas will participate in a clean-up and beautification exercise of Easington Park during youth and community month, which will be observed in November.
The clean-up will be spearheaded by the Social Development Commission (SDC) and members of the Yallahs Development Area Committee.
Community Development Officer at the SDC in St. Thomas, Latoya Mullings, told JIS News that the decision to renovate the park had come from the residents.
“Based on their level of volunteerism, their willingness to have the park renovated, we thought that the venture should be selected as a community month project, especially for the benefit of the children of Easington,” she said.
Miss Mullings said that residents have begun to seek sponsorship for the project.
“They’ve gotten materials from persons in the community and they’re really participating fully to get the park renovated,” she added.
Easington, once the capital of St. David, a former parish in the east of the island, merged with the parishes of Port Royal and St. Thomas in the East to form present day St. Thomas, and therefore holds special historical significance.
Miss Mullings informed that Easington Park became prominent when, on his legendary ‘journey’ to Spanish Town from Stony Gut in August 1856, National Hero, Paul Bogle, rested there. A monument was erected at the park to commemorate this fact. Paul Bogle became a National Hero based on his political activism on behalf of the people of St. Thomas against an unjust British system of governance during the period following the abolition of slavery in the late 1860’s.