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The Westmoreland Parish Council will expend approximately $10 million to carry out extensive refurbishing works on the St. Paul’s Road, which is in close proximity to Negril.
The project, which is expected to begin next week, will entail the construction of new drainage system, side walk and asphalt resurfacing and will directly benefit residents of Good Hope, Mount Airy, Orange Hill, Retirement, Hopewell and Negril.
Councillor for the Negril Division, Bertel Moore, said that the road had deteriorated badly making it difficult for farmers to get their produce to the market.
He informed that funding has been sourced from the Parish Council’s Equalization Fund and “within a few weeks, there will be great improvements on this popular road and a host of citizens will surely benefit. There is also expected to be some levels of employment opportunities for some workers from the respective areas”.
Councillor Moore urged residents to demonstrate patience as the work progressed and to cooperate with contractors so that the project could be completed in time and within budget.

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