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The St. Thomas Parish Council, will be taking steps to ensure the preservation and development of historical sites in the parish as tourist attractions.
“We have too many sites of historical nature that are underdeveloped in the parish,” said Mayor of Morant Bay, Hanif Brown, at the regular monthly meeting of the Council, held yesterday (Jan. 8).
He said that the Council will be writing to the Jamaica National Heritage Trust (JNHT) and the Touris Product Development Company (TPDCO), requesting their input and suggestions in developing the sites, while funding will also be sought.
The Mayor called on the Councillors to submit the names of historical places in their divisions that could be developed into tourist attractions.
“Some developments are taking place but we must channel some of our efforts towards ensuring that these places are developed. What we want is action,” Mayor Brown stated.
While noting that the parish has made significant progress in some areas, he said that others have been neglected. Citing the Morant Bay Courthouse, which was damaged by fire in February 2007, Mayor Brown said it is time the Council made an effort to rehabilitate the historic building.
“I have some ideas but I don’t think that the Council could do it alone. We must commit ourselves to engaging some of our stakeholders,” he said.

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