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In its drive to beautify the town of Falmouth and by extension the parish of Trelawny, the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA), has embarked on a drive to remove all derelict vehicles from the streets throughout the parish.
According to the NSWMA Zonal Monitor for North Trelawny, Paul Campbell, between December 2008 and January 8, some 15 such vehicles have been removed from the streets throughout the parish.
“For the month of December to January we have removed 15 old vehicles and the breakdown is as follows: one on the Wiltshire main road, one in Granville, four in Rock district, six in Falmouth Gardens, one in Salt Marsh, one on King Street, Falmouth and one on lower Harbour Street Falmouth,” he stated.
Mr. Campbell was tabling a report at the monthly meeting of the Trelawny Parish Council, held in the Council Chamber in Falmouth yesterday (January 8).
He disclosed that in addition, six notices were served on individuals to remove vehicles that have become eye-sores and health hazards and are in close proximity to the roadway. He said that his agency is prepared to continue the removal of derelict vehicles from the roadways in Trelawny, as long as it is necessary.
He explained that persons with vehicles who want them to be removed but do not have the capability to do so, can contact the NSWMA for assistance.
The NSWMA North Trelawny zonal monitor also disclosed that his Trelawny outfit has received a compactor, and a truck to increase the fleet in the parish to four compactors and one truck.
Meanwhile, Chairman of the Trelawny Parish Council and Mayor of Falmouth, Colin Gager, complimented the NSWMA for its efforts in keeping the Parish clean. He also expressed the hope that the removal of derelict vehicles from the roadways throughout the parish can be an ongoing effort.

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