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The St. James Municipal Corporation has declared St. James Street in downtown Montego Bay a no-vending zone with immediate effect.

Mayor of Montego Bay, Councillor Leeroy Williams, made the announcement at the Corporation’s monthly meeting held on Thursday (November 12) at the Montego Bay Cultural Centre in Sam Sharpe Square.

The Mayor, who is also Chairman of the Municipal Corporation, said he met with the vendors who illegally ply their wares along the busy thoroughfare on Tuesday (November 10) to inform them of the Corporation’s directive.

“I went through that thoroughly with them and I told them that in terms of St James Street it will be zero tolerance as far as vending is concerned,” he noted.

He said that illegal vendors have taken over the sidewalks, creating an eyesore in the resort town and causing traffic congestion.

“Because of the vendors taking over the sidewalks and the pedestrians having nowhere to walk, they have to resort to walking in the street, and so the cars have to be stopping here and there,” he pointed out.

He said that action will be taken against those who are not willing to comply.

Mayor Williams said that while he supports vending, the activity must be done in an orderly manner.

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