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The Ministry of Justice is looking to implement the use of sample pictures to illustrate the volume of narcotics involved in drug-related court cases.

Speaking during a recent Jamaica Information Service (JIS) Think Tank forum at the Agency’s head office in Kingston, Portfolio Minister, Hon. Delroy Chuck, said based on existing legislation, large quantities of drugs are usually taken to the courts for viewing during trials.   

He pointed out, however, that transporting significant volumes of narcotics to and from court poses a potential security risk.      

“What we are now doing is to say that we can use a sample [picture]. So what will happen is pictures will be taken of the complete amount of drugs confiscated,” Minister Chuck said.  

He explained that the sample taken would be managed by a forensic lab and shown in court in addition to the pictures.             

“What would be taken to court would be the sample, with testimony to say that it is part of a huge amount of drugs that was actually confiscated. This would aid in the security and storage [where] cases have not been completed,” the Minister added.  

Mr. Chuck said it is anticipated that when the supporting legislation to facilitate this undertaking is finalised, it will ease the burden on the police force and improve security in relation to the drug trial proceedings, among other undertakings.  

“It also will assist where illegal and commercial [items] have been confiscated… and would, therefore, significantly aid [in the proceedings]. So that is an important piece of legislation that will be coming up,” he added.

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