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Farmers in St. James are still celebrating following their successful participation in this year’s Denbigh Agricultural and Industrial Show held from August 4-6. With their innovative and attractive agricultural displays, the farmers won seven out of 10 sectional prizes, including the retention of the Champion Parish Trophy in the parish pavilion display.
Among the trophies won for their displays were – first place for home economics, special projects, marketing, and the environment.
According to President of the St. James branch of the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS), Glendon Harris, the parish showcased quality agricultural produce and livestock displays. There were also educational environmental displays from Sandals Hotel and the Jamaica Public Service Company Limited (JPSCo).
“Mention must be made of the Sandals environmental display which depicted the whole process of the utilization of sewage, from sedimentation, filtration to the water from this process being used as irrigation for plants around the hotel property. Also, the JPSCo display showing the utilization of the grey water from the sewage ponds in Montego Bay was a point of interest to patrons,” he said.
“The Flower Hill Bammy Project put on an innovative and well accepted display showcasing the process of the new ‘bammy pizza’. Another special display which was rated highly by patrons was the marketing traceability, which depicted tracing agricultural produce from the farm to the consumer. The display showed the farm, the packaging house, the route to the supermarket and the farmers’ market, the hotel, the wharf and to the airport,” Mr. Harris added. He also highlighted the display from the Stonehenge Pineapple Festival team, showcasing the many and varied uses of the pineapple.
“Denbigh show this year was much improved with the main thoroughfares being paved for the comfort of patrons. The industrial side of the show could be strongly felt with the private sector making their presence felt. The International Village with the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB), the Riu Hotel and other exporters such as Jablum and Wallingford was a welcomed sight. The new area for the Kiddies Village was busy for the entire weekend. Overall, I believe that this year’s show was a better show when compared to last year’s, as all the parishes came out and left their mark on the show,” Mr. Harris told JIS News.

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