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In an effort to attract more young people to the cocoa sector, the Cocoa Industry Board (CIB) has established a young farmers project at the College of Agriculture, Science and Education (CASE), in Portland.
Manager of the Cocoa Industry Board, Naburn Nelson told JIS News that under this project, a demonstration plot has been established on the CASE campus which provided students with on-farm training in cocoa farming, cocoa management and processing.
He further noted that after these students have gained the necessary experience in the cocoa production process, they would be moved from the demonstration plot to a five-acre commercial plot.
“The demonstration plot is in what we call shades, and the shades should be matured by December or the latest April 2008. At that point when the shades are matured, we will put in cocoa seedlings. We will plant 200 trees and within 2

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