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One year after its formation, the Morningside Branch of the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS), in St. Elizabeth, is reporting success in meeting a significant number of its targets.
Addressing the organization’s anniversary dinner at the Morningside Primary School on Thursday (Dec. 18), Secretary, Carmen Jacobs, informed that the group held monthly meetings consistently throughout the year and, in the process, received support from the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA), and the Social Development Commission (SDC), Jamaica Foundation for Life Long Learning (JFFL), among other entities. Their input, she pointed out, enabled the organization to assist a number of the members in several areas.
“We have being able to assist members.. with fertilizer and farm supplies. A number of students were recommended by the Branch, and received holiday jobs in different areas. A computer training programme is currently running for young children and adults, in which we have seen progress this year, and we intend continue in the best interest of our communities,” Mrs. Jacobs stated.
In his address, guest speaker, and President of the St. Elizabeth Branch Societies of the Jamaica Agricultural Society, Roy Morrison, encouraged the members to collaborate with the various agencies, and make use of training opportunities available to farmers.
“Information and training are critical in moving agriculture forward, and it will put you in a position to get the best from your produce. Things are changing rapidly, and the farmers of today might not be the farmers of tomorrow, if we do get ahead with technology. Applying new ways of farming practice will help us to compete in very important markets. So, I will be working with your leadership and the members, so that this Branch will build on what it has achieved so far,” Mr. Morrison said.
The Morningside JAS Brach has over 65 members, and is headed by President, Errol Vincent.

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