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As part of its ongoing effort to implement programmes aimed at transforming and improving the national civil registration platform, the Registrar General’s Department (RGD) recently launched its Hotel Interface for Marriage Applications (HIMA) programme, which enables operators of resorts to complete and monitor the processing of marriage applications online from the RGD’s website, via a secure channel from any location.
“An area which all Jamaicans can truly take comfort in, is the security features of the Jamaican marriage certificate. Based on the tamper proof quality of the certificates, embassies around the world and international firms have all expressed significant confidence in our product,” the RGD’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Patricia Holness, said, pointing out that this would serve to further encourage individuals giving thought to getting married in Jamaica, to come to the island.
The RGD head was speaking at the launch of the HIMA programme at the Couples San Souci Hotel, in Ocho Rios, St. Ann, on Thursday (Dec. 18).
Dr. Holness noted that with the rapid growth of the tourism industry over the past several decades, hotel marriages, particularly involving visitors, account for a significant number which are conducted in Jamaica.
“Most of the island’s marriages occur in the tourism belt of the island’s northern coast, with the parish of St. Ann reporting the most,” she informed.In recognition of the importance of destination weddings to the tourism sector, Dr. Holness advised that RGD is endeavoring to see how best they can better serve hoteliers providing this service.
“We developed a state of the art software solution to meet the needs of our hoteliers. As early as 2007, we have been having focus group sessions with wedding coordinators in the island’s hotels. Based on the feedback we have received, we have done further adjustments to the software, and have produced the final product,” she informed, pledging the RGD’s commitment to continued implementation of measures to meet and satisfy the needs of their clients.

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