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Mayor of Black River, Councillor Derrick Sangster, has lauded firefighters in St. Elizabeth for the critical role they play in protecting lives and properties in the parish.

Speaking at a ceremony to hand over a skid unit to the Santa Cruz Fire Station in the parish, on Wednesday (December 9), Mayor Sangster noted that firefighters have been performing their operational duties with a high level of dedication, despite the challenges.

He pointed out that the firefighters are always ready to ensure the safety of citizens, adding that their tireless efforts to reduce the devastating impact of infernos, especially on farmlands, should be commended.

“In St. Elizabeth, I want to extend commendation and praise to the fire service, who are always responding with utmost alacrity to incidents of fires and to incidents of accidents. They are serving the citizens of this parish in an excellent way and I think the citizens in return appreciate the fire service and the service that they are extending to the parish,” Mayor Sangster said.

“There are instances when they are under pressure and may not be able to reach a location in time to save a situation, but we want to encourage the fire service to keep up the good work and to always continue to serve the citizens of this parish,” he added.

The Mayor, who is also Chairman of the St. Elizabeth Municipal Corporation, said the local authority will continue to support the brigade in its efforts to protect citizens.

“Whenever we are called on to assist or to collaborate in any way with the fire service, we stand ready and willing to do so. The fire service, not only in Jamaica but throughout the world, is one of those critical agencies in any country, because they are among the first responders to any disasters,” Mayor Sangster said.

The skid unit was procured through a joint partnership between the Jamaica Fire Brigade and the Meteorological Service of Jamaica (Met Office), with funding from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB).

The unit will enable firefighters to better respond to bush fires in sections of the parish.

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