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The St. Elizabeth Parish Disaster Committee will be embarking on a series of public education meetings aimed at sensitising residents about the need to prepare for disasters.
“I will be working with a special team made up of members from a number of our support agencies such as the Jamaica Fire Brigade and we hope to begin by early next month,” informed Yvonne Morrison, Disaster Co-ordinator for St. Elizabeth.
According to Ms. Morrison, it was important for persons to prepare for disasters to reduce loss of life and property.
In terms of preparations for hurricanes, she advised householders to stock emergency supplies.
“But all your essential documents and medication into a waterproof container and make sure that you have an idea where the nearest shelter is located; this information you can get from the parish council,” she said.
Turning to other disasters such as fire, Ms. Morrison said that each home must have a working fire evacuation plan. “Do practise fire drills and ensure that each family member knows the route to take and knows where all the keys are at all times. Too often, people lose life and limb because they forget where the grill key happens to be,” she said.
The parish disaster coordinator stated that information on how to treat with natural disasters was available at the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management’s website @ www.odpem.org.jm.