JIS News

The services of the Clarendon Fire Department has seen boosted with the acquisition of a new fire truck valued at some $18.5 million (US$285,000), while 10 new firefighters have been added to the staff.
Errol Hope, Deputy Superintendent in charge of the Department, told JIS News that the truck has “all the modern day features”.
These, he said, included “lighting, which assists us .when we respond at night in some of the districts. We also have increased water capacity on the fire unit as the water tank now holds 4,920.50 litres (1,300 gallons) of water as opposed to 1,892.50 litres (500 gallons) of water on the smaller truck.”
The unit also comes equipped with a pump that is able to pump water from flooded areas, a hose reel and a jaws of life, which helps in the rescue of persons trapped in motor vehicles.
“We’re now more motivated and when we respond to any given incident, whether it may be to extinguish fires or to rescue people trapped in vehicles, we have the tools and the manpower to assist them,” Deputy Superintendent Hope said.
The fire truck came to the parish on August 16 and the firefighters took up office on August 21.