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Chief Public Health Inspector for St. Elizabeth, Everod Lewis, says the parish’s Aedes aegypti index was at 10 per cent for the month of August.

“We were able to visit over 7,000 homes for the period, where we recognised that 711 [premises] were positive, which basically gave us that 10 per cent,” he said, while addressing the monthly meeting of the St. Elizabeth Municipal Corporation on September 9.

Mr. Lewis said that while the August Aedes aegypti index was the same when compared to August 2020, it was an improvement over the similar period in 2019 when the index stood at 16 per cent.

“So far, we are doing fairly well despite the rains we have been having. We seem to be balancing well,” he noted.

Mr. Lewis noted that the abundance of rainfall over the past few weeks has led to an increase in the mosquito population, and the health department will be stepping up its vector-control activities to include fogging and public education.

“We recognised that calls are coming in and we are trying our best to see how we can move forward as it relates to our fogging activities,” he said.

“I know, without a doubt, that we have challenges right across the parish and we have noticed that in those areas that have hard bedrocks [with small crevices], are now breeding mosquitos. However, the health department is out [and] the vector unit continues to do its best to manage right across,” he added.

Mr. Lewis commended the parish’s vector-control workers for their “hard work”.

“We also have with us our temporary workers, who are right across the parish providing the health department with good information, and I must say thanks to them also,” he added.

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