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The St. Catherine Parish Council is carrying out inspections of disaster shelters within the parish as part of preparations for the hurricane season, which begins June 1.
Chairman of the Parish Disaster Committee, Patricia Lewis, told JIS News that the inspections got underway at the start of the month and will continue to the end of May. The aim, she said, was to ensure that all the shelters were in a state-of-readiness for the hurricane season.
A number of agencies are involved in the assessment process including the Police, the Fire Brigade, and the Council’s Zonal Committee, which has responsibility for the accessibility of the shelters and the welfare of those who use the facilities.
The Council’s Building Department will look at the sturdiness of the buildings and recommend repairs as needed, while the Health Department will examine the sanitary facilities, availability of potable water, and the general cleanliness of the shelters.
Mrs. Lewis told JIS News that a number of churches that have not been recognised as designated shelters, but which often open their doors to offer assistance, would be included in the inspection.
She indicated that based on the lessons learnt from previous disasters the “pre-positioning of supplies and facilities is going to be a factor in the inspection process, to ensure rapid response and efficiency in the use of resources”.

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