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Head of Psychiatry at the University of the West Indies, Dr. Wendel Abel, has said that Jamaicans are noted for being able to survive hard economical times.
“The economists say that Jamaica is a remarkable country, because every time it appears to be teetering on the brink of disaster, and every time they expect Jamaica to collapse, the country comes through,” he said.
Dr. Abel was speaking at the first in a series of public meetings, organised by the Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS), at the Golf View Hotel, in Mandeville, Manchester, on March 12.
He said that in order for persons to cope during a financial crisis, they need to reframe, seek opportunities, think positively, reinvent themselves, and take care of themselves.
Dr. Abel said that in reframing, persons must have regular staff meetings, if they operate a business; and brainstorm with staff about opportunities to expand markets and to seek out other opportunities.
He advised persons to seek opportunities and conduct their business with a different approach, and to be positive, adding that negative thinking affects the performance of a business and stops persons from achieving their true potential.
“Reinvent yourself and your business as there is money out there. Do things differently by thinking and acting outside of the box. Whatever you are doing, you have to do it differently, in order to succeed,” he said.
Dr. Abel said that persons need to “let go” of old habits and old practices, and take care of themselves and their businesses, by changing their label and rebranding. “Change your label, as that is what is standing between many of us and success, and rebrand your business,” he said.
The meetings, dubbed ‘Financial Planning Sessions’, will be staged across the island.
They are aimed at providing personal advice on issues relating to retirement planning, redundancy, mortgages, savings and investment, as well as starting or sustaining a small business.

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