JIS News

The St. Catherine 4-H has launched a walkathon to raise money to fund training programmes and provide scholarships for clubbites.
The club expects to raise $250,000 from the event, said Colin Woodham, 4-H Parish Development Officer for St. Catherine.
He told JIS News that, “because of its (4-H) significance and far-reaching impact on the various communities within the parish, we are asking everyone to give their unwavering support to the walkathon.” Custos of St. Catherine Rev. Sophia Azan, who launched the fund-raiser at the Rose Hall 4-H training centre in Linstead, urged support for the walkathon, noting that it would help to fund projects, which would benefit young people. “Too much unfulfilled potential goes to waste; undeveloped and undiscovered. In every human there is the seed of something great just waiting to be developed if given the right opportunity. The 4-H is just the organization to unearth that potential as it offers various training programmes to help develop that unfulfilled potential,” she stated.
She encouraged youngsters to “think big” and capitalize on the training opportunities provided by the Jamaica 4-H.
Custos Azan became the first contributor to the walkathon with a personal donation of $2,000 and $3,000 from her church, Bread of Life Ministries.The 37 clubs in the parish have been provided with official petition sheets, which would be carried out from now to January 2006, and the walk will be held thereafter.