JIS News

Persons with disabilities in St. Catherine are set to benefit from the government’s Information Communication Technology (ICT) Training for Persons with Disabilities programme, at the Waterford High School in January next year.
The programme is geared towards disabled persons with academic competencies at a standard no less than grade nine and training will last for approximately 15 weeks.
Project Co-ordinator, Michael Thorney, told JIS News that he was encouraging disabled persons in the parish to get registered at the school in Portmore this week.
“Registration begins Wednesday (December 7) at 4:00 p.m. and we want to encourage persons with disabilities in St. Catherine to come out and register so they can make use of the training when it begins,” Mr. Thorney said.
He explained that while the training was ideal for disabled persons closer to the school in Portmore, all disabled persons in St. Catherine needing ICT training should endeavour to register to be a part of the programme.
“It does not matter where you are from, the important thing is to be registered and so we will be making arrangements to accommodate those disabled persons in St. Catherine who will not be able to make it. We are asking them to contact the National Youth Service (NYS), the Combined Disabilities Association or the Jamaica Council for Persons with Disabilities to find the other registration options that will be made available,” he said.
The NYS can be contacted at 754-9195 and 754-9816-8, while the Combined Disabilities Association can be reached at 929-1177.
The training will be conducted by representatives of the NYS on Mondays to Fridays from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Participants will be able to acquire a certificate of competence at the standard of the National Vocational Qualification of Jamaica (NVQJ) level 1 from the HEART Trust/NTA and a certificate of participation from the government of Jamaica.
In addition, scholarship opportunities will be made available to selected students who have completed the National Council on Technical and Vocational Education Training (NCTVET) Information Technology Level 1, to do further studies in ICT at the Caribbean Institute of Technology (CIT).
“This training is geared towards providing disabled persons with opportunities to exercise their rights to education as well as employment. It provides an opportunity for disabled persons to be qualified members of the work force,” Mr. Thorney noted.
When the training begins in early January, it will mark the continuation of the second phase of the programme, which began in November 2004. The project was established in November 2000 by the Government to facilitate training and employment of persons with disabilities, but was put on hold in 2003.
“We are back on track. We resumed the programme in November 2004 and training concluded earlier in May and come January, we are looking to continue,” Mr. Thorney pointed out.
Since the inception of the programme, approximately 300 persons have benefited, with over 100 receiving certification at the NVQJ Level 1.
“We are appealing to the wider public to pass on the information about the registration for the programme to those disabled persons, such as the blind or hearing impaired, who may not be able to see or hear of the registration time and date,” he urged.