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Approximately 200 children from St. Ann’s Bay and surrounding communities were feted and presented with back- to school supplies, on Saturday, August 21.
The event, hosted by the Restoration for Life Mission in Christ Apostolic Church, saw the children receiving books, bags and stationery, among other items.
Pastor of the Restoration for Life Mission in Christ Apostolic Church, Albertha Boswell-James, told JIS News that the Church, a registered non -profit organization, has been hosting the event on an annual basis for the past four years.
“What we do is screen the needy children to see who is eligible for the programme and, at that time, the parents will also tell us whether their child or children have shoes to wear to school, or they cannot afford to buy the books that are required for school,” Mrs. James said. Restoration for Life would then make the necessary purchases to meet their needs.
She also mentioned that the Church has an ongoing school feeding programme, where meals were being prepared and served to children at the Brittonville All-Age School.
“This programme has been doing very well, and we will continue to look out for our children, so long as the Lord continues to bless us and make it possible for us to help them,” she said.
She is appealing to the parents to seek to ensure that the children utilize the items that they receive.
Parent, Yvonne Lewis, told JIS News how grateful she was for the assistance. She said she was very happy for the treat, because her house was burnt out almost a month ago and she lost everything, including the children’s uniforms, books and bags as well as almost all her household items.
“Today, my children got bags, books, pencils and other things, and Pastor Boswell has promised shoes and uniforms and just about anything else that my children will need to go back to school. I am very grateful and must say thanks to the church for helping me and my children in this time of need,” Miss Lewis said.
“I want to thank the church for preparing me for back-to-school. I got a book, a bag and pencils and I am happy for it,” student Joshane Archer told JIS News.
The Restoration for Life Mission in Christ Apostolic Church is an outreach ministry. It is located at 61 Main Street, St. Ann’s Bay.

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